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Labo médias (EN)

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The Labo médias is available to the general public! Come take advantage of this space and its equipment!

What is the Labo médias?
The Labo médias, inaugurated in September 2017 and located on the 2nd floor of the University of Sudbury, is a place where one can thrive and create freely in a safe learning environment. The goal of the Lab is to stimulate digital creativity and experiential and collaborative learning with the community.

Much more than a place for academic training, the Labo médias is a tool for cultural, social and political valorisation and media coverage, serving students, professors and researchers, as well as media experts and community members in Ontario, Canada, and internationally.

The Labo médias is a versatile and multifunctional space, with cutting edge technology.
  • Video / television: A video control system with a teleprompter, a green screen, two high-definition cameras, and the ability to broadcast live on the web (streaming) and on CKLU, the university radio station at Laurentian University.
  • Radio: A radio table with studio microphones, headphones and a virtual console, allowing audio recording and use of live audio clips.
  • Workstations equipped with software necessary for creating and editing, a television to follow the news, and several work tables that are easy to move in the physical space of the Lab.
  • The Lab has field equipment at its disposal, including several video cameras and audio recording equipment.
  • The control room of the Lab is equipped with Comrex and Dejero systems, allowing for full-duplex broadcast when necessary; your guests can go directly to air from the University of Sudbury.
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Come use the Labo médias!
Although the main purpose of the Labo médias is an educational one, it can also serve as an important tool for professional media. Collaboration with the media (local, regional and provincial) is part of the Lab's medium-long term ambitions.

Do you have a project to propose?
Examples of projects / collaborations:
  • Radio / podcast recording and broadcast
  • Audiovisual production of course materials
  • Recordings of presentations or evaluations
  • Interviews and radio-TV interventions (live or delayed)


Contact Us

The Labo médias team is excited about working with you, and we want to create interesting and enriching partnerships with our community; contact us for more information or to arrange a guided tour of the facilities.

Please note that the Labo médias is closed (along with our building), until further notice.



Click below to hear the podcast feature the Labo's previous Coordinator, Jasmine McLean:

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