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NOTE that this page and its sub-pages are for informational and reference purposes only, as this program is not currently offered at the University of Sudbury.


Études journalistiques is only offered in French


You will be re-directed to the French version of the webpage, containing all the details for this program.
An overview can still be found below:

A successful journalist is energetic, curious, and loves to write! In this rapidly changing field, employers seek out our graduates because they are familiar with the latest technologies and the innovative approaches required in today's world.

The French-language Études journalistiques program allows you to learn the concrete and daily duties performed by a journalist.  You will have opportunities to write, gather information, analyze media and assess information sources, organize the content, and present it to varied audiences.  You will take unique courses and complete placements that will give you practical training and enable you to use up-to-date technology.

A concentration or specialization in journalism will include workplace internships, a natural extension of the practical courses, often leading to actual career openings in the region.  Internships are important not only for on-the-job learning, but also for networking and making contacts, while allowing you to build a professional portfolio to present at interviews.

What topics will be covered?
Courses cover topics such as: print and electronic media, cross-cultural communication, photojournalism, graphic design, etc.

What values are gained?
Journalists are expected to be able to do more than handle technological tools and report facts in a precise manner. They are expected to:
  • be able to express themselves with clarity and conciseness
  • analyze and critically examine a situation
  • understand the political or social implications
  • assess the ethical scope of the choices presented

Potential employment opportunities:
  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Radio Host
  • Web Page Editor
  • Executive Producer
  • Audiovisual Designer
  • Press Secretary
  • And much more!


"One of the things I appreciated from my experience at the University of Sudbury was the small class sizes because it facilitated communication between students and professors. It is in these situations that we learn about ourselves and realise that the professors care deeply about our education and our success. My learning was enriched by actively participating in the media space and getting involved in projects outside of class. My internships (Radio-Canada and CSPGNO) are another component of the program that I thoroughly enjoyed since they allowed me to learn in informative and practical work environments. The University of Sudbury is the key to my success, which has opened many doors to a world of opportunities. I even got a job as a journalist at Le Voyageur after my studies." - Priscilla Pilon, graduate

"This program allowed me to venture into the vast field of communications.  I had the opportunity to build relationships with my community while growing in my Franco-Ontarian culture.  Also, "la Salle des nouvelles", the program’s laboratory, gives me the means to gain journalistic experience, which opens doors for my future in the field of communications." – Janik Guy, graduate


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