A student from China shares her positive experience


1 Jun Yi and students in kitchen Residence  

Hello, 大家好,我是仪俊
Hello, everyone. I'm Jun Yi.

很高兴在这里与大家分享我在University of Sudbury 宿舍的一些经历。
I'm so glad to share my living experience at the University of Sudbury.

首先我要强烈地推荐University of Sudbury Residence. 为什么呢? 我在这里有一段非常愉快和难忘的经历。
Firstly, I’d highly recommend the University of Sudbury Residence. Why? Because I had a super happy and eventful experience while living here.

这里就更像是一个大家庭一样。Gisele 和 Annette 她们就像是家长竭尽全力为每个学生解决生活上的难题。
I would say it’s a home rather than a residence. Gisele and Annette are like our parents trying their best to solve every student’s living issues.

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其次,每一个人都有一个私密的空间,但是开放式的厨房,活动区域,以及各个重要节日的庆祝活动又能使每个学生,特别是留学生, 减少他们的思乡和孤独情绪,帮助他们更好地融入到当地文化当中。

Secondly, everyone has their private space, but the public kitchen, lounges, as well as the celebrations and activities held for all important occasions enable everyone, especially international students, to mitigate their feeling of homesickness and loneliness.

We were looked after circumspectly during the lockdown in response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. I really appreciate the psychological support from our residence and their efforts in combination with those of the local communities in donating free foods to us every week.

That's why I like Canada, a country full of humanitarianism culture.

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Lastly, I would like to share my studying experience.

I realized the relation between professors and the students is based on equality and mutual respect in Canada, more than what I had imagined.

They are willing to communicate and discuss with students face to face formally or informally, and guide us into further and deeper studies.

This enables students to form comprehensive critical thinking abilities.

The University will also organize meetings on a regular basis between students, the Dean and/or the President, creating a channel to connect the executive level and us.

Students' suggestions and advice is collected attentively to help make improvements and to create a better learning environment.

However, students need to develop a good autonomous learning ability to meet the academic requirements, which usually involves a lot of reading and research.

This also helps students build a positive attitude in integrating into the society and pursing their career goals.

That's my story. Thanks!

- Jun Yi, international student from Shenzen, China 

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