Message for our community re: Laurentian Senate meeting

In response to the Laurentian Senate meeting held this week during which a motion was passed to secure the film and theatre programs at Thorneloe, and during which the senate also recommended revisiting the current federated university model, calling for the beginning of the process to see all arts programs moved out of the federated universities and under the Laurentian umbrella.

The University of Sudbury is an autonomous body that operates within the Laurentian Federation which consists of Huntington University, Thorneloe University, the University of Sudbury and Laurentian University. As the longest-standing postsecondary institution of Northern Ontario, and of the Laurentian Federation, our focus lies in providing high quality bilingual programming in the Humanities, within a unique bilingual and tri-cultural environment rooted in the Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person. We remain committed to our students, and to our faculty and staff who form our tight-knit and particular community. We also remain committed to working with members within the Laurentian Federation in response to challenges we face in these unprecedented times, to explore all possible avenues and come up with suitable solutions for all parties.

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