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“Rencontres du patrimoine” with guest speaker Laurier Turgeon

On November 23 and 24, the University of Sudbury’s Department of Culture and Communications hosted “Rencontres du patrimoine” with guest speaker Laurier Turgeon. Dr. Turgeon is a Research Chair - Ethnological Heritage in Canada, as well as the Director of LEEM (Laboratory of ethnological survey and Multimedia) and the Director of Historical Sciences and Heritage Studies at Laval University. He has a special interest in cross-cultural issues.

Participants were able to attend the public conference on the social functions of heritage: a new approach to living together, as well as a workshop on Digital Heritage Mediations. The event concluded with the sharing of information regarding the new minor for the Folklore et ethnology programme, entitled “Patrimoine et cultures du numérique” (Heritage and digital cultures).

Rencontres du patrimoine 2017    Rencontres du patrimoine 2017.2 
     Dr. Laurier Turgeon and Daniela Moisa (Chair of the Department of Culture et communication at the University of Sudbury)
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