Message from the president


Serge Miville

Dear Members of the University Community,

Founded in 1913 and deeply rooted in our community, the University of Sudbury has been contributing to the vitality of the Francophone community in Ontario and the North for over a century. This is what inspires us to continue our work and do our utmost to achieve the collective dream of having a French-language university governed “by, for and with” the entire Francophone community, in all its diversity. This is an ambitious societal project that will help develop the leadership capacity of our community, in addition to instilling a deep sense of responsibility for the development of social progress. Faced with the challenge lies the duty to succeed.

Autonomous, secular, francophone and proud of its century-old tradition, the University of Sudbury is currently undergoing a major reform of its programming in order to meet the specific needs of the Franco-Ontarian, Francophile, and international Francophonie population. We have a well-grounded project that is truly open to the global community. We continue to engage in dialogue with stakeholders, including students, in order to address their needs and aspirations.

These students tell us that they are hungry for unique, enriching and engaging experiences. They want to deepen their skills and develop their network in a university environment that is invested in their success and that gives them the tools they need to become agents of social change. They want to be at the crossroads of cultures and societies and find creative solutions to the important challenges facing our increasingly diverse and complex societies. The University of Sudbury seeks to support them in their ongoing civic development based on the unique tradition of French Ontario.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the University’s team, which is showing itself to be dynamic and cohesive as we work tirelessly on a number of projects aimed at building an inclusive and comprehensive institution. I would also like to acknowledge the incredible support of the community on the need to create a space “by, for and with” the Francophone community. It is with this support that we are going to create a key pillar of the Sudbury Francophonie.

It remains an immense privilege for me to be able to serve the University of Sudbury and the Francophone as it strives to achieve its dream of creating a truly inclusive, “by, for, and with” French-language institution. Together, we will make this dream a reality.

Yours truly,

Serge Miville

President and Vice-Chancellor