University courses now offered in Windsor!

In order to increase access to postsecondary education in French in southwestern Ontario, the University of Sudbury will offer for the first time university courses in Windsor.

See below the Winter 2017 course offers in Journalism and Philosophy, which will begin the week of January 23, 2017:

Études journalistiques (night classes)
ETJO 1126FL 20 – Introduction à la communication (Thursdays)
ETJO 2136FL 20 - La presse écrite (Wednesdays)

Philosophy (weekends)
PHIL 2217FL 20 – Éthique de l’environnement (Saturdays)
PHIL 2616FL 20 – Anthropologie philosophique (Sundays)

All courses will be offered at the Collège Boréal campus in Windsor.

For more information regarding the course offerings, please visit the following links:
For courses in Études journalistiques - 
For courses in Philosophy-

To register :
Contact Janelle Lemieux at 1-705-673-5661, ext 305, or by email:
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