Community Engagement

Want to make an impact? Engage in your community? Play an active role in your education? Build connections that may lead to future work? There are many ways to get involved!
  • Co-curricular option: 
         • Connect your education in Philosophy with lived experience and learning at a local non-profit organization. This work will be recognized with a certificate at its completion.
  • Community outreach: 
         • Choose a volunteer and related reflection opportunity catered to your schedule. This work will be recognized with a certificate at its completion.
         • Opportunities available nationally, and perhaps internationally, during summer months.
  • Food, environment and socialjustice: 
         • The Good Food Box program at UofS is a monthly initiative that provides affordable produce with a local component. Enjoy good food on campus, support a healthy lifestyle and your local food economy, and get involved as a volunteer.
         • Environmental work in conjunction with the Lucien Matte Residence Environmental Committee, such as Earth Appreciation Day (October 2015), growing food, etc.
         • Engagement activities focused on social justice in conjunction with the St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish (located at UofS).
  • Events at UofS: 
         • Cultural-awareness workshops, Fall BBQs, Philanthropy Day (November), Second Annual Volunteer Fair (January 2016), and more

Community Engagement at UofS is an initiative of the Spiritual Services office, located just off the Ludger & Amanda Michel Commons (student lounge).

The office is a safe, positive and respectful one, where all are welcome. We encourage thoughtful and reflective engagement to promote well-rounded learning. We also recognize that students arrive at UofS with a wealth of experiences and skills to offer.

Looking for more information? Stop by the Spiritual Services office at the University of Sudbury and chat with the Community Engagement Facilitator, Sara-Jo Pipher. She can also be reached by e-mail at

Ideas about how you would like to be involved? Get in touch! The Spiritual Services /Community Engagement office will be featured in some activities during Welcome Week at UofS! Look for us!

Education is seen as a gateway to a thoughtful life. The University of Sudbury is committed to providing opportunities that will help you grow as students and increase your sense of citizenship and engagement in your community and in the world.

To meet the requirements, you must choose four out of six engagement opportunities, and participate in one group reflection time each semester over a meal.

Explore a variety of opportunities, from environmental initiatives, to engagement with First Nations communities, to more traditional social service work. There is the opportunity to do longerterm volunteer work should you choose.

The certificate will be presented upon completion of involvement at the end of the academic year.

Reflection and gathering over a meal TBD  
Maison Vale Hospice – Outdoor maintenance work    Sept. 28, 2016   1 p.m. -
4 p.m. 
Food Bank - Good Food Box Prep    Oct. 18, 2016   9 a.m. -
12 p.m. 
Lake Laurentian Conservation Area – Trail work and family event   Nov. 19, 2016    Afternoon 
Out of the Cold - Meal preparation, serving, and clean-up   Dec. 9 and 6, 2016
(Choose one)
  4 p.m. -
8 p.m. 
Cultural awareness and reflection – Engaging with First Nations with Will Morin, and drumming with the N'Swakamok Friendship Center   Jan. 23, 2017   4 p.m. -
8 p.m.
TBD   Feb. 9, 2017   9 a.m. -
1 p.m.
Reflection and gathering over a meal   Mar. 2017    


For more information or to register, please e-mail Sara-Jo at
or Cecilia Jennings at / 705-673-5661, ext. 159.

"It was challenging to step out of my comfort zone but it was worth it." - Oshain Moncrieffe, student

"This Certificate offered a range of volunteer opportunities outside my field of study. I enjoyed this because each opportunity taught me a different lesson, presented different challenges, and helped different people." - Simona Gabrielle, student

Good food box
Calling students, staff, and faculty!  Are you interested in a box of wonderful fruit and vegetables (with a local component) every month? Great news, the University of Sudbury is a host site for the Good Food Box program!

The Good Food Box program's mission is to build a community where everyone has access to affordable fresh vegetables and fruit: 

Here's how it works:

  • You receive one box on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, to be pick-up at the Spiritual Services office located in the Ludger & Amanda Michel Lounge on the first floor at UofS. Please bring your own bags in which to take the food home.
  • Boxes contains a different variety of fresh vegetables and fruit, based on what is in season and affordable at the time (with a minimum of one local food item in each box).
  • Large box (ideal for a family) costs $17; small box (ideal for an individual) costs $8. These prices are below market price, which is possible because this program acts like a food buying club. See price comparisons on the Good Food Box website.
  • Orders must be submitted and prepaid by cash or credit card (via PayPal) to the local UofS co-ordinator by 4:00 p.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Each delivery date requires a small team of volunteers.

“My experience as a volunteer with the Good Food Box program has been great! I love the program and am grateful to have been a part of bringing it to the UofS community.” – C. Boulay, Lucien Matte Residence student

For more information, please contact:
Sara-Jo Pipher
E-mail (preferable): 
Phone: 705.673.5661, ext. 310

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