Courses offered to Grade 12 Students

Yes! It's true!

We offer you the possibility to satisfy the requirements of obtaining your high school diploma while, at the same time, obtain some university credits.

If you are ...

  • able to work online;

  • able to work independently;

  • ready for this kind of adventure

... register now for one of the following two courses (offered in French only):
This course will give you an overview of the field of journalism and public relations.  Students will develop the following writing skills: article writing, writing a press release, to name a few.
This course is a general introduction to the philosophy of health.  It will first try to define the concept of philosophy and the more complex concept of health before examining certain doctrines and critical anthropological conceptions that are associated with it.

You need to have obtained:
  • a 75% average for your grade eleven courses

  • written support from your school's guidance counselor or director
    Note: The decision pertaining to your admission is without appeal and remains the exclusive right of Laurentian University.
Once you have successfully completed the course:
  • the school board will grant you the credits associated to the high school course: IDC4U Études interdisciplinaires

  • the University will provide you with a written attestation
    Note: The credits for the completes university course will only be granted once you register at the University.

Try the demo, or virtual camp!

Virtual Camp
Your username is campvirtuel and your password is campvirtuel.

You only pay for the university course once you have been admitted to the university ... not now.

For more information, please call us at 705-673-5661 extension 316.
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