Mission and Values

As an undergraduate, liberal arts university, the University of Sudbury is committed to developing in its students the desire and the ability to undertake humanity's perennial quest for ultimate meaning.  The courses and programs offered by the University of Sudbury aim to foster, in a contemporary setting, the search for the UltimateTruth.

As a university situated in Northeastern Ontario, the University of Sudbury is dedicated to the official cultural bilingualism of the region.  It provides courses and programs both in the French and the English languages, insofar as enrolment warrants and promotes the development of the cultural aspirations of the Anglophone and Francophone communities through an involvement in the life of these communities.

As a university also devoted to the preservation and development of the culture and traditions of the Indigenous Peoples of Northeastern Ontario, the University of Sudbury provides to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students courses and programs destined to the furthering of an awareness of, and appreciation for, the Aboriginal world-view.

Situated in a religiously and culturally pluralistic society, the University of Sudbury acknowledges this diversity and is faithful to promoting inter-faith dialogue and ecumenism.  Through this cultural reciprocity, the University of Sudbury will seek to cultivate and nurture Christian students in the Roman Catholic tradition.  This commitment will be doubly expressed by the provision of an integral humanistic education and by its involvement, through the promotion of, and participation in various related projects and activities.

Core Values
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